A Debtor’s Money Map

1 Income, 1 Map


1st Blue: The one that pays me
Bright Dark Pink: :-( The 401k that doesn’t get fed while paying down debt
Khaki Green: $
Purple: The one who dispenses the money to me or where I want alloted
Little Orangy-Orange: $ I put away for the child so she can learn about compound interest.
Grey: is the land of ghosts and demons who drain my energy
Pink-Orange: Annual Expenses (AKA, sinking funds). Basically where the EF is housed. But since funds pay out to bills periodically, I didn’t categorize it as a savings.
Blue: Expenses. If all went to crap, I hope I have my fixed expenses covered.

I KNOW! I don’t contribute to my 401K. While technically I could put away more then the punch that would be felt in Net pay, I made the decision to seize allocation to my 401K until some of the debt is eased up (like the car and C. Loan). I know about the ongoing battle of thought – should I or should I not contribute to my retirement account while paying down down?. The cogs on my 401K wheel will likely start back up end of Spring 2018.

Money Map Logistics

So, work pays me > TAXES > squeeeezzzzzee… Net pay into the checking account.  Tiny bit into a Vanguard account. Then the rest is trickled down into 4 categories:

1) Debt,
2) Sinking Funds,
3) Fixed expenses and
4) Discretionary

Anything remaining is a Snowball. It’s grey like debt because it’s all sourced to the same cause – paying for my past.

And there my friends you have a 1 income debtor’s money map.

This GenXer says, “kids, don’t try this at home”

Paying down $65,000 + of debt is no joke. It’s tiresome. I want to bang my head.

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I look forward to updating my Money Map when the 401K contributions start back up and the debt is reduced. Ugh, the end of this year is going to be trying. Least I will have a couple weeks to hide in my cave and hoard All the Ice Cream.

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