My Plan

I really want this lifestyle:

Simplicity in the fresh mountain air! Work on my time. Play on my time. Learn how to travel.

But until the Debt is paid off (and various other accommodating factors are cared for) I am where I am, the ‘burbs. This is a tough one to reverse for me. But persistence it shall be.

My Plans:

1. Live within my Means

Even thought I have a high income, it hasn’t always been so easy to stay within my means for various reasons. My goal is to live within the confines of my net pay.

2. Budget always

I have a cool main spreadsheet that budgets my every paycheck.

3. Track all my expenses

For the last few years, I have been a Mint girl. I love how it shows me that psychologically I just haven’t gotten my shit together. ;)

4. Have an Emergency Fund

I usually treat sinking funds as my EF. But money is always cycling through this account. So I have a $1,000 set aside solely for emergencies. I would like to have a paycheck’s worth eventually.

5. Nothing will go on the Credit Cards!
Credit Cards must be paid off EOM everytime

I use it, then it must be paid off by the end of the billing cycle. There is no reason I need to be paying interest. It’s used to gain the CC rewards. But really, in my case, I should just do things cash only. Ya, I think I will go the cash only route.

Up Next: The Debt