• Why are you paying off the car first if it has the lowest interest rate?
    Because it’s payment is about equal to what my SL payment will be when it’s out of deferment and it’s the quickest one I can pay off.
  • You’re rent is so expensive. Why don’t you move?
    Trust me, I feel the expensive when I make the payments. I experience hyper-anxiety every year when my renewal is near. My rent is actually the lowest of the land (well approximate local area) and has really good schools. I know many will argue against this, but it is important to me as a parent. I have looked at other places to rent – but when I factor in moving costs, deposits and the small amount saved – sitting tight until the child graduates works best.
  • Why do you have cable?
    Usually, I treat myself to cable from end of November to about February each year. So I can binge watch the holiday Hallmark movies and New Year celebrations. Right now with cable companies buying each other out, its making it really hard to reduce my package and save money (i.e., its cheaper to have ‘the package’ then to have internet alone). I feel it’s so wrong on these companies. So at this time I am shopping around for suitable internet-only prices.
    Cable is gone!
  • Where can I find a Debt Reduction Calculator?