This is my tent setup from a past camping trip and it’s what my debt feels like to me.

Hi There,

Oh… who am I? The proverbial question. I am the sole provider for 2, a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives watcher fanatic (I would love to run a funky joint), a maker of delicious Buddha bowls, avid tea & coffee drinker and a woman in debt.

1990 – 2012

Student loans were the easiest to accumulate. I was clueless and having fun. Then came consumer debt and a car loan. As my job income grew, the debt grew with faux lifestyle inflation. I paid this stuff on time, even PIF’d my car loan and my net worth kept increasing. That had to count for something (I thought).

2012 – 2014

Well lots of life events and drama. I found myself single. With a good career, but still carrying around a lot of debt. And my newly-paid off car was totaled. Thus, I bought a new one.

2014 – 2016

Then, I found No More Harvard Debt. Which led to Mr. Money Mustache (wish I found it before buying the new car). Some of the stuff has been hard to apply because of personal parenting reasons, but it still put me on the right path to getting cozy with the budget again, develop frugality, build an awesome credit score and map out my financial future (well more like discovering how much good hard earned money is being thrown at debt and interest).

I did go back to school to finish my degree for financial gains in my career. It was worth it, but I took on more student loans. At the same time, I still paid off a solid amount of debt that kept things fairly even keel.


Then I had a health scare. Debt increased. I should just throw in the towel.

better-person-quoteLast year, during a tarot & palm reading, she said out of the blue, “You know that you’re responsible for cleaning up your finances. You won’t be winning the lottery and a man is not going to save you.”  I may have put on my crunchy face in that moment. But it’s what jolted to me to get this finance thing on right.

So here I am… beginning of 2017. No more student loans to incur.  My car better last me a long time peacefully. I better stay healthy. A plan and goals to pull me through.

Come follow me as I push this huge f*cking boulder off the cliff.

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2017 – ______

Recently downsized from 915 sq ft to 611 sq ft to stay in budget.