June 2017 Expense Report [Month 6]

June 2017 Expense Report

June 1 – June 28

June was a bloom when it came to expenses as you will read below. Summers are always more expensive for this household. I think my life just thaws out to the sun and movement thus ensues.

Analysis: Expenses

Item Amount Notes
Mortgage/Rent $1,645
Furnishings $491.81  Bought a couch
Household Supplies $108.91  Need to get this down!
Clothing $105.84 No more shopping this year! K?!
Food & Dining $876.38 $226.38 out of budget :-(
Auto Payment $334.00
Auto Service $629.96 New tires. There was a huge gash in my tire! Eek!
Auto Gas $175.99 Under budget
Excursion $500
Mobile Phones $90.02
Utilities $78.53
Internet $48.15
Vet $206
Cash & ATM $149
Personal Care $81.51
Music $41  Half to be reimbursed
Movies/Netflix/Hulu $25.94
Dental $14.60
C. Loan $556.00

Furnishings: Needed a place to sit. IKEA discontinued the Karlstad couch last year. I was able to buy it was on clearance.

Household Supplies: Part of this is pricey OTC medicine. Children are spreading a nasty cough & cold like wildfire. It caught up with my child. Sleep? What is it? Her nighttime cough is driving me crazy. I know it’s driving her batty.

Clothing: A triggered splurged happen due to a family member coming to town. I fortunately was able to return most of it. I also needed an outfit for work. I now own a nice pair of slacks.

Food & Dining: Over-budget due to the fumes of moving and our daycation to the beach. We had a nice meal and wonderful bonding day there. The full return of my deposit allowed us to splurge.

Auto Services: I put $1,000 in my emergency fund. Took a roadtrip with DD to the beach. Came back to find out that weekend my back tire was ready to blow! Apparently I put 65K miles on my 45K mileage tires.

beach day

I get my car checked up and serviced like clockwork. I am upset because the mechanic should have caught that my tread was low during my last oil change. Someone clearly was watching over us on our long car ride. So thankful we are safe. I now have pretty shiny tires on my car to last me 65,000 miles more (my car is currently at 98,000 miles. *smile*). EF depleted to $360.

Vet: Tell my cat to stop cleaning off all her fur! The prednisone shot has already worn off and she is back to cleaning off more fur. Boo! My cat has such a pretty coat of under belly fur when its there. I am hoping her allergies will.just.go.away. I can hope!

Cost saving initiatives:

I’m at a loss for any cost saving initiatives. The raucous of moving, family coming to town, DD on summer break, the cat off to the vet… throws my whole schedule off. And that equals spending (but still within my net pay amount). My intentions for July are to cinch the saddle tight. Oh! I just remembered and signed up for Frugalwoods Uber Frugal July. Wanna frugal along?


  • Salary: $4,822.35
  • Deposit Return: $2,271.66
  • Amazon Affiliate Income $13.25

Auto Loan

EOM June Auto Loan

Woohoo! Look at that downward slope!

Starting Auto Loan Debt: $5,999.05

Ending Auto Loan Debt: $5,673.56

Snowball: No snowballs this month because I decided to fill the Emergency Fund. We see how that went! Right back into the car. Glad the money was available to cover that expense!

Regular payment $334.

Total towards car this month: $334

Combined Debts

EOM June Combined debts

Starting Total Debt: $69,214.00

Ending Total Debt: $68,559.00

Nothing exciting in terms of debt repayment this month.

July Outlook

For July, I am moving the budget around again. Some of the excursion is being paid by a 3rd party now. This will allow me to pay off the Student Loan interest before it capitalizes in October and still pay my car off by November.

But here is the catch: I need to stay on serious budget for the next 4-5 months with some trimmings! I recently watched the video, “If I Woke Up In Debt” by Mike & Lauren. A thought experiment about how they would reduce the time it took to pay off debt if they had any. I much enjoyed it. So of course, I had to play with my Vertex42 Debt Reduction Calculator (scroll to the bottom of that page for link) to see how I could throw the Thor Axe towards my debt.

Here is what I came up with that denotes uncomfortableness to abide but believe it can be done (hopefully, I will be the one to do it):

I shall: reduce coffee/fast food/food misc.: to $15 every other week or $7.50 week (savings: $90/m)
I shall: spend no more than $120/w on groceries
I shall: reduce my spending on household supplies to $25 every other week or $12.50/wk (savings: $50/m)
I shall: have no more Personal Allowance (savings: $40/m)
I shall: Pack ALL meals for work and outings
I shall: Buy NO more clothes! (savings: $50/m)
I shall: Not buy miscellaneous (savings: $150/m)

I know there is bound to be some expenses that go out of intent. So the miscellaneous will probably be made “I shall: spend no more than $50/m on miscellaneous”.

You will all hold me accountable to this, right? :)

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9 thoughts on “June 2017 Expense Report [Month 6]

  1. Aww, sorry about the unexpected drain on savings with the tires! But it’s always good to have that money there when you need it. In July the Frugalwoods are running an Uber Frugal Month, so that could also be a good way to tighten up the ship (I know I need to!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! Just hopped on your blog and checked out a few articles.

    Great progress! The first step is knowing where all your expenses are going which you’re doing really well!

    Just a question and correct me if I’ve misread this – is your average car expenses ~$500 a month (~$6000 a year excluding repairs)? Is there any way to reduce this expense?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy!

      Crazy how much one spends on a car. And my payment is less than most average car payments!

      I am set to pay off the car by Nov. there by freeing $334 to snowball into my other debts. I will be so freaking happy when that payment is done with!

      Liked by 1 person

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