Mid Year Budget Check Up

I was inspired by a virtual friend’s budget check up to see how my own budget was stacking up to its planned intentions. Would it cause me to gasp? Where am I falling short? Do I need to update my budget to accommodate expenses better?

I was not actually planning to gasp. But see that yellow ($823.94 per month x 6)… ya, it surprised me too! What was all this miscellaneous nonsense?

I know some other areas are above the line, too. But does not cause alarm as I know it to be related to significant events that should not reoccur. 

Misc Expenses in 6 months time

  • Travel ($1,200) on a wonderful last minute trip I decided to take. No regrets. It was a lot of fun and nice to get away from the day in, day out. I met some really fun peeps. This also includes a couple near local trips, too.
  • Then there was Moving ($1,700) costs. Basically it turns out to equal the amount saved if I would have stayed in my place for 6 more months.
  • Then the cat is eating all her fur off. We finally took her to the Vet ($330) to find out the Super Bloom is causing itchy allergies. Gave her a steroid shot but its a short term solution. Not much else I can do.
  • Spending ($575) on various stuff (electronic, books, hobby, business, etc…)
  • Cash & ATM ($674) *shrugs*
  • Then Fees & Charges ($403) I’d rather not discuss (grumble).

There was money coming in to cover all these expenses. So the expenses are not out of my means. But all of them are out of the normal, except the Vet. It is probable that the Cash & ATM and Spending Misc. are most likely related to moving and/or travel.

After ruling what the normal expenses were, I have decided to add two more categories to the budget spreadsheet:

  • Vet – $30/m
  • Misc/Misc. Shopping/Cash & ATM – $200/m… maybe $150/m. Really I would like to keep it at $0, but that doesn’t seem realistic.

Leaving me with approx. $125/per month that I will use to snowball my debt.

Have you done a 6 month check up to your budget? If so, I hope you will share the outcome!



4 thoughts on “Mid Year Budget Check Up

  1. Isabella

    It’s always good to see it all laid out. I think you see there is probably room for improvement! That misc. Yikes! Keep fine tuning it, and I think you will see you will have more to apply to debt than you realized.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yikes, I agree! I tend to be a spender when stressed. There was definitely room to curb many of those moving and travel expenses. Summer spending is another culprit. So these upcoming months I will be working hard to stay in budget.


    1. it took a long time to at least stay within my income. now if I could just stay in budget! I would like to get to the point where i can gaze at the totals like every two weeks to make sure I am in the guidelines. but at this time its a daily task of tracking.


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