May 2017 Expense Report [Month 5]

EOM May 2017 Stupid Debt

April 20 – May 31

Moving: last month I had the predicament of the rent being raised and being ousted out of my place. In order to stay in budget I moved the family.

But money just goes everywhere during a move! I found a place, signed a lease, packed & moved all in 5 days! Then there is unpacking stuff from a bigger place into a smaller place. Oh, but the fun doesn’t end there. Bees were discovered at our new place (after we moved in). And they found a way into our house from the roof to the wall vent. Eek! The little buggers don’t want to leave. The bee guy has been out a couple times to do his job. It’s been almost 3 weeks and the problem is just about to be resolved.

Money: I tried to man the ship. Guide it by balancing categories when deficits came up. Creating a zero-based budget. Then I got word a tuition refund check was due my way from a long, long time ago. So I allowed myself to get a little lax, but it was actually a blessing in timing because it covered all my moving costs (and more).

Home Phone: I got the Obi200 connected to have free home phone service with a Google Voice phone number. I know many people don’t use a home phone much anymore, but sometimes its the only way I can get a hold of my child. The set up was easy but there were some kinks to work out. I will explain more in a separate post after the frustration of unpacking and bee removal calms down.

Analysis: Expenses

  • Home – $4945.32 (services, improvement, and furnishings are unplanned expenses)
    • Rent – $3652.95 – just paid rent for May, decided to move, paid rent + security deposit on new place. waiting for rent + deposit in former place to be returned.
    • Home Services – $628.08 – Movers + Tip $458, App fee $40, Hauling some furniture to dump $126.96
    • Home Improvement – $466.21 – just stuff (I don’t even remember half the stuff. but stuff like new vacuum belts, bathroom rack, trash bags, boxes, etc…). I still need more stuff but have put a stop to the spending until cash is in hand.
    • Home Insurance – $130 – annual expense. planned/saved up for.
    • Furnishings – $68.08 – something from Ikea. now what was it…
  • Food & Dining – $1270.01 (over-budget $270)
    • Groceries – $551.53
    • Household Supplies – $88.45
    • Restaurants – $280.47 – moving causes expenses to awry.
    • Fast Food – $160.56 – moving. awry.
    • Coffee Shops – $134.00 – went on a road trip. Starbucks was the stop place.
    • Alcohol & Bars – $55.00
  • Shopping – $550.12 – all totally unplanned for. except the last one. but 
    • Clothing – $407.39 – I seriously needed clothes
    • Gift/Charity – $121.28 – child’s birthday
    • Hobbies – $13.31
    • Shopping Misc. – $3.16
    • Books – $2.99
    • Electronic & Software – $1.99
  • Travel – $500 – excursion payment
  • Bills & Utilities – $379.18
    • Internet/Ph/Cable – $217.83 – last months/this months. planned. in budget. I cancelled cable and phone services. Internet will now run me around $65/m.
    • Mobile Phone – $137.68 – last months/part of this months. planned. in budget
    • Utilities – $23.67 – I didn’t seem to have an electric payment. I better make sure of that!
  • Auto & Transport
    • Auto Gas – $290.70 – $16.80 left over from budget. And that included a last minute unplanned road trip to SF for my aunt’s 70th birthday party. It was a blast!
    • Payment – $334 – fixed and in budget
  • Cash & ATM – $103.00
  • Entertainment – $91.20 – Netlix/Hulu $23.98 and the rest was unplanned movie goings and rentals.
  • Pet – $61.54 – fancy litter box and food stuff from name brand place.
  • Health & Fitness – $40.00 – dental bill that wasn’t paid by my FSA
  • Fees & Charges – $13.00 – ATM charge (to be reimbursed) and credit report unfreeze so I could move
  • Business Services – $11.87
  • C. Loan Payment – $555.39 – fixed and in budget

Total Expenses: $8,217.95

Cost saving initiatives:

I don’t think there was any this month. Stress will do that.


  • Salary (3 paycheck month)$7,615.86
  • Tuition Refund Check: $1780.92
  • Summer Savings cashed out: $216.00
  • ATM Fee Refund: $3.00
  • Fee Refund: $37.99
  • Amazon affiliate income earned: $11.81

Auto Loan

Auto Loan EOM May 2017

It’s getting there….


Starting Auto Loan Debt: $6,528.41

Ending Auto Loan Debt: $5,999.05

Snowball: $181 because I had to push it under the $6K line

Regular payment $334.

Total towards car this month: $515

Initially I had a bigger snowball set for May. But I updated the spreadsheet to make sure I have the funds in place for some annual expenses coming up (car registration, education, etc…). So the bigger snowball payments will happen in autumn. But all is still on schedule to have paid off by November!

Combined Debts

Combined Debts EOM May 2017

Starting Total Debt: $69,964.86

Ending Total Debt: $69,214.00

The Student Loan interest just won’t let me squash down the debt number as quickly as I would like. Speaking of SL interest. I just received notice that the interest accrued during my forbearance will equal about $2,700. Unfortunately, I will not be paying this before capitalization takes place. Unless the money faeries send more blessings my way.

I realize if I didn’t have the excursion fund than I could pay off the SL interest. But that is not going to change. So I would need to come up with an extra $600/m to pay down the interest before its capitalized on.

It’s a race to November to pay off the car and possibly the SL interest.

Rice & Beans or Ramen everyday?

I could probably do it. But my child would not go for this. Hmmmm….

Here’s the budget for June. I cannot see where I could cut $600 out. Ideas for cutting out or making more?

June Budget 2017 stupid debt


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8 thoughts on “May 2017 Expense Report [Month 5]

    1. I am very happy to have kept things on track this month with regards to paying down my debt. I ripped apart my budget last night to see if I could squeeze in my SL interest before it capitalizes in Oct., but I am still $2.2K short. If I thought there was anyway to pay on my SL and Auto Loan at the same time, then I would be throwing the Snowballs at the SL interest. Something for me to reconsider, but I know that will leave things too tight. Hence the reason I am throwing all the money to pay off my car before the SL comes out of forbearance! [pictures self literally throwing money at a caricature of a bill monster] ;)


  1. Just found your blog! It looks like we have a similar debt situation. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see another family dedicated to debt repayment. We, too, spend a lot of time trying to figure out where else we can cut our already-spare budget. It’s tough! I recently suggested getting rid of the Internet, at which my husband just blinked slowly and walked away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!!! I would have done the same. too funny. I have considered going without my cell, but the convenience in being able to get a hold of DD is important to me. I look forward to checking out you blog. And thanks for stopping by.


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