April 2017 Expense Report [Month 4]

Analysis: Expenses

  • Rent – $1767.95 – Fixed and in Budget. Actually a little less this month due to overpaying previous months. Balanced out.
  • Personal Allowance – $40 – Fixed and in budget. I actually still have $9 and some change. but I am just going to carry it over to avoid from needing to deposit in the bank.
  • Food & Dining – $664.13 – overall the budget is $650/m. grrrr, my spreadsheet had a discrepancy in a cell formula, so I spent a little more than planned. Cell formula fixed and the budget was zero balanced from other categories.
    • Groceries – $524.49 – included a Costco stock-up. Toilet Paper for life. Laundry stuff too. Clean smelling clothes for daaaayyyyysssss! 
    • Restaurants – $8.90 – cursed! A Friend pulled me a long for a last minute lunch run. I caved. And it wasn’t all that good. boo!
    • Coffee – $35.00 – 1x weekly mom-child time. actually reduced this by $15 this month.
    • Juice/Smoothies – $10.08 – after dental care treat
    • Fast Food – $65.23 – again, beginning of the month stuff. quickly put a stop to this. last two weeks were a $0.
    • Work lunches – $20.43 – this act started up in the beginning of the month. I put an end to that.
  • Auto & Transport 
    • Payment $334 – fixed and in budget
    • Gas $143.34 – trying to drive as little as possible. we had an trip to the family’s for Easter, but other than that I was able to keep it on the low from the budgeted $205/m.
  • Shopping
    • Household – $0
    • Books – $4.99
    • Gift/Hobby – $10.97 – was supposed to be paid with personal allowance but my child borrowed my cash. I didn’t get it back in time needed for purchase of the gift.
    • Electronics & Software – $1.99 – fixed and in budget
    • Pet Care – $11.84 – My cat had OCD about cleaning herself. So much she has licked away all the hair from her stomach and part of her underarm. Poor thing is going to look like a Sphinx soon. But now she is doing it so much that its breaking skin.I was recommended to use this Dr. Gold’s anti-spray with low doses of hydrocortisone, corticosteroid, and lidocaine. Not hearing her lick every 5 minutes is a blessing! And to say she is feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing her hair grow back in!Tip: spray 2-3 times into your clean hand and rub it onto the cat. Spraying directly on the cat can lead to gnarly scratches.

      Update: ugh, my furry child is moving away from her stomach (stuff works), but is instead taking out her leg hair. Prozac next?! Or another furry child to keep each other busy.

    • Shipping – $22.75 – Child’s penpal
    • Misc – $3.23
  • Bills & Utilities
    • Cellular – $90.02 – fixed and in budget
    • Internet/Cable/Phone – $109.15 – fixed and in budget
    • Electric & Gas – $51.10 – under budget $13.90
  • Charity – $25.00 – to help support the White Helmets. Because the whole situation is just heartbreaking and soul crushing.
  • CC Payment – $7.50 – trailing. balance $0.
  • C. Loan Payment – $555.39 – fixed and in budget
  • Annual/Sinking Funds – $104.00 – fixed and in budget

Cost saving initiatives:

  • Continue to pack my lunch and snacks for work. The latest work meal was blackened talapia, rice and sauteed spinach (consumed 3 to 4 times a week)
  • Still making free espresso or London fogs at work.
  • Friends asked me last minute to go out to eat. Ah! Not when I am on a tight budget. But instead of saying “no” (because one still needs a social life for good health), I scoped out the menu online before hand. Finding that a big proportioned side salad ($5.95) and a pint of beer ($5.95) would have me spending minimally.  I also ate a small bite at home prior to going. Lucked out, they bought be dinner because I had paid the tab back in the day. #win
  • The child and I get to Sbux once a week for breakfast. It’s a great time for some one-on-one conversation. Now I eat breakfast at home before we go and I went from ordering the specialty coffee down to a regular java. And I don’t miss the pricey drinks at all. If I want to get really crazy I add a couple shots of flavored syrup. I can’t say it brings the expenses down much because sometimes the child’s BFF joins us. But still saves us approx $10-$15/month #win
  • Started washing out the plastic tubs from food products to reuse. Will be great for packing work lunches or potluck to go containers. Not sure why I have not started doing this earlier. #environmentalWin
  • Bought local concert tickets months ago via use of the summer fund. Decided not to go. Sold the tickets for $15 more than I paid. Threw it in the snowball of my auto payment.
  • Said “no” to really good tacos for lunch like a zillion times. One day the electricity was out at work for 1.5 hours during lunch time and my food was frozen. It was tough to say “no”!
  • Ordered my Obi (Wan Kenobi) to establish my home phone with free service (Google Voice)
  • I’m reading a lot more. Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Since I do take my child to Sbux one time a week, I might as well try to save some money. They had a promotion running where you buy a gift card for a friend (the child) and get $5 GC for your self. I missed being on of the 45,000 purchases. #fail


  • Salary$5,633.39
  • Amazon affiliate income earned: $4.06 (thank you!) – not counted in total salary as funds are deposited until they reach a set minimum amount.


Cruuuuussssshhhh It!

Starting Auto Loan Debt: $7,651.08

Ending Auto Loan Debt: $6,528.41

Snowball $151.08 + $60 + $300 + $80 + $16 + $157 + $35= $799.08

Regular payment $334.

Total towards car this month: $1,133.08

The bank employees viewing my account are probably like, “WTF with all the transfers?!”
Okay, maybe they are not. But I’m like, “OMG! This is cool!”

But going forward, I don’t anticipate such vigor. It will be approx. $400/m snowballs + a 3rd paycheck will have me on schedule to pay this off by November. Although, I see the balance… – $400… I would need to come up with $128.41 to tip it under the $6K line. Haha. We’ll see. I don’t know if I can pull it off.

Starting Total Debt: $71,313.09

Ending Total Debt: $69,964.86

The debt total was just teetering on the $70K line. I had to find a way to tip it over. Throwing whatever money I could find within reason. I don’t feel like I have missed out on too much. Maybe I’ve just learned to balance things better? Dunno.

Please let things continue to go smoothly.


10 thoughts on “April 2017 Expense Report [Month 4]

  1. Yayyyy!!! Great job with crushing debt by rolling in those small daily savings! I used to work at a place that got into the whole “work lunch” thing and I had to put a stop to that. It’s almost impossible to rein in your food budget if you spend even a modest $10 on lunch on work days. Ugh. Anyway, great job!!


    1. we have our own cafeteria and SBUX… can be tough. I have learned to order sides and identify other low cost ways to be savvy in the cafeteria. but you’re right, every little bit adds up! Many thanks mrspickypincher for your comment and stopping by!


  2. Good job on getting below the 70k mark!\

    As SBUX is part of your budget for bonding reasons, are you signed up for their reward program?
    I am not much of a SB goer, but I have a friend who hacks her way to all kinds of freebies, by having her SB gift card registered. She gets a birthday drink, free refills and often plays their games to get some credit or other reward. She also buys discounted cards and loads them on her registered one. You probably already know all this as a regular.

    Also regarding the kittie: While my house was on the market, one of my cats got a bit stressed . Maybe because of having to move in with a friend, maybe because she felt I was stressed at that time as well. She started to lick her thighs bare and none of the regular calming aids worked. The doctor indeed recommended a very small dose of Prozac, 1 pill would be split up over 4 days. I was a bit wary, but it did work. She stopped licking immediately and I only had to use like 2 pills before I weaned her off again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh ya. we are gold SBUX members. I used to be addicted to the stuff. Not anymore. :) fortunately last week was double stars week. so I got my child’s free breakfast sandwich quicker without spending more.

      thank you for the cat info. nothing has really changed in our house (that I am aware of). I am still trying to think when she started it – to identify the change – but I can’t think of it. i may just need to take her into the vet. poor thing. wait, maybe she heard the vet say she needed to go on a diet last time she was there and it stressed her out.. it did take place about the same time (maybe just going to the vet did it). but playing with her more has helped some. vet visits… glad i have $ more for this coverage.


  3. WOOOO for getting past that 70k milestone! Even in between actually paying things off, those can be huge for motivation. And I’ve gotta say, nice work on trading the fancy stuff at Starbucks for regular coffee. I’ve found that I actually enjoy those more now that I’ve changed up my order, and the fancy stuff is too sweet, and my wallet is super thrilled. Great work, keep it up!!

    P.S., I think I’m going to steal that Combined Debts chart style for my next update… I didn’t think it would look very good, but I was wrong!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. many thanks Kyle! ya, i agree on the too sweet. my fancy drinks were 2 pumps max of flavor with an extra shot to give it more of a coffee taste. Have you seen the latest Unicorn drink?! something like 72 grams of sugar, tastes like crap, but is IG worthy. SM for the win!

      Please do steal! :)
      It drives me crazy to see the SL graph have a very tiny stealthy upcline due to the interest. can’t wait to obliterate that problem. I just need to make sure I do it steadily though, as to not experience debt payoff fatigue.


      1. I know what you mean about the student loans sneaking back up… It frustrates me to no end to see the balance increase by a few dollars every day. It’ll make victory that much sweeter, though! Almost as sweet as that ridiculous Unicorn Frap, haha!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on breaking through the $70k barrier. You are crushing this debt.

    I love that you take your kiddo to sbux for some one on one time. Those will definitely be memories that you’ll both remember and something I’m sure you won’t regret in the future :)


    1. Thank you MSM! I just need to stay motivated. I’ve been a real stickler to bringing my work meals. Just got to keep it up until Nov., take a little breather and start again. I can do this!
      and coffee time with DD is definitely something I truly treasure. Especially as she is growing up so fast!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kevin

    Wow! This is a great analysis and proof to me you’ll be successful if you able to analyze all of your spending like this. Congrats on getting past the $70K threshold. Hitting those milestones were great ways for us to push ourselves to finding a little extra money each month.


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