Tackling errands, Cleaning out the closet & that antique thingamabob

This morning I tackled many errands. Getting the oil changed in the car, returned library books, made copies of Arabic recipes, picked up the child’s Easter present (with great savings due to a couple of Michael’s coupons – $10 total for cupcake decorating kit + cute Wilton tin liners. Then I bought 3 packages of cake mix $0.99/ea – all from my bi-weekly $20 personal allowance), stocked up on groceries we will need for the week and scrubbbbbbeeeedd my car. Love that it’s CLEAN and I did it myself (it’s been a while since its had a bath). So it was freeeeee.

The car still needs to be vacuumed. I was arguing with myself earlier if it would be better to get the car washed with vacuuming done at $20 a pop every 3 months or do it myself when needed. Still have not come up with an answer. But if I do spend the money, it will also come from my allowance.

My girlfriend told me yesterday that she was impressed I could maintain with a $20/bi-weekly allowance. So am I! Let’s see if it sticks.

After all my tasks were done I was ancy to do something.

Most of the time I feel like I am sitting around biding my time until my debt gets paid off. But today I actually tried to take my child to play in the city at a museum, have lunch, and explore on the dime of our summer savings account. She declined (teenagers! normally she loves the museum, but a video game won). I really should just go alone to the exhibit I have been trying to see, but its a distance. So I saved the event for another day and set out to declutter my closet. Vowing to toss anything that I haven’t touched in 6+ months.

Unboxed the china

I unearthed the china from the boxes that my mother passed down to me a few years ago. I have never taken it out of the boxes to observe. Good time to do so and to contemplate what to do with it all. It’s a beautiful birds of paradise antique set made in England.

I always wished I could drink tea in the English countryside. Sipping Earl Grey tea with cream & sugar and the pinky finger out.

the grandparents

There is a complete setting for six people (I need to replace one broken bowl). So… what do I do with the set? It’s all very fancy. I don’t own a china cabinet to put it in. The child says she is going to throw a tea party for her friends.

It’s not worth much financially, but has a lot of sentiment. I know I vowed, but I can’t part with this just yet.

Oh ya, does anyone know what the thing on the left is? There is a small opening at the bottom. The holes on the top are too large for salt (IMO) and I cannot imagine putting that much salt in something of decent size. Maybe there is supposed to be another one? Maybe just pepper?

Found it! It’s a sugar shaker!


I decided to part with a bunch scrubs I no longer need. I’m actually bummed they are not my daily attire anymore. Because there is a fondness there like one has with lounging in yoga or pajama pants.

So, I folded them up and will drop about 5 pairs off at the thrift store. I have two other sets in practically new condition. Will list them to see if I can make a few bucks.

And I have a great Lorna Jane double zipper vest from the premium black collection I will list too (unfortunately that doesn’t fit me anymore. but I only wore it once or twice anyway).

The other stuff is odds and ends that will be donated:

  • one decorative pillow
  • nice pair of Salomon trail running shoes
  • pair of heels and pair of slide ons
  • 4 small decorative pictures in frames
  • a new cat toy the feline didn’t find entertaining
  • 3 blouses, 3 t-shirts and a jean jacket that never fit right
  • floating shelf and 2 curtain rods
  • a bag of the child’s clothes allotted for a friend but never made it there

I did not get rid of too much, but the closet is clean.

Today’s savings: $25.80

$20 washing the car myself and $5.80 by using coupons on the child’s gift (and I’ll get to the be the taste tester of delicious cupcakes)


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