Cost Saving Initiatives: Saying “No”

I just hit my April mid-month pay and can happily say (with much effort on my part) I am under-budget by $10. But then I found out I paid ahead on one bill last pay period. Leaving me $60 total under-budget. At the same time I also re-purposed a small savings account. It will work better this way and my emergency fund is half filled again. Thereby I transferred a little money from that account and the remainder of my paycheck towards my auto loan.

Snowballing: $150 + $60 = $210

Here are some of my Cost saving initiatives I ran across these past two weeks:

  • I brought my breakfast to work as usual – but my toast flipped behind the  counter  and my cream of wheat was bland. Spent $0.98 for a better breakfast. #fail
  • Said “no” to attending a theme park with friends. That was super hard to decline because it was Spring Break and I know my child really wants to go again. But this getting out of debt pain is temporary, right? #win
  • I am going on first date in like 4 years. Stuck to the budget buying one blouse & necklace within budget and with a $10 coupon. Then paired it with items from my closet. Painted my own nails. Plucked my own eyebrows. Trust me, I would love to be pampered, but in the name of debt… (The date was enjoyable with lots in common. I much enjoyed the dinner & conversation. But there was not a romantic connection for me).
  • Didn’t go to the Grand Canyon because the financials of the trip were not preplanned. I really wanted to go for the astronomy talk and to see the stars. But it would have went on the CC. That would need to be a nope. #win
  • We did not go to a really cool dance competition as a spectator for the same reason. Least the child didn’t know that this event was happening. But it would have been really fun to attend. #win
  • WonderCon is here too. Didn’t go. Same reason. #doublewin because if we went then we would need to create cosplay costumes.
  • I ate Cream of Wheat (package in my desk) instead of a taco lunch. Saved spending $6 (and maybe I’ll get better at prepping my lunch the night before).
  • Using the espresso machine daily at work (free).
  • drove less
  • we went to the library and walked the park for frugal entertainment.
  • increased my reading habits. Which has been a nice way to wind down.
  • hemmed a skirt the child bought from the thrift store. sewed an apron. crafting at home

I had a hard time saying “no” to the event activities and was bumming when I did. Especially because it was so beautiful outside and I wanted to give my child fun times. But those bummer feelings are temporary right?  I may try for the Grand Canyon in Autumn with cash available for the trip.

Meals that were made made this week to stay in budget:

  • Waffles & peanut butter with a London Fog (earl grey tea, vanilla syrup, steamed milk)
  • PB & Honey toast
  • Tostada salads – I bake my own shells
  • cast iron skillet hash – my fave meal – this one had kale, sweet potato, carrots and an over-easy egg cooked on top. It’s a great way to use up veggies needing to be used up.
  • spaghetti, sauteed veggies, and Italian sausage (with evoo, lemon, and capers, too)
  • cereal and Cream of Wheat
  • veggies, rice and tofu
  • tuna salad w/lots of veggies (tomatoes, carrots, avocado, kidney beans, green onion…)
  • PBJ, chips & fruit
  • PB-cacao-banana smoothie – my nighttime fave because it’s like ice cream with the frozen banana and raw cacao is high in magnesium to give me a good night’s sleep.
  • individual apple crisps with vanilla-honey yogurt

How has your week in personal finance, frugality or otherwise?


11 thoughts on “Cost Saving Initiatives: Saying “No”

  1. My wife has been sick and when she hasn’t been sick has been having some pregnancy cravings. So this means that I’ve been running out to the store satisfying her cravings. So it hasn’t been a particularly frugal week for us but happy wife happy life :)


  2. Can I place my order for this?: Waffles & peanut butter with a London Fog (earl grey tea, vanilla syrup, steamed milk)

    Exactly what I need right now. :)

    I think saying “No” is one of the most important pillars of staying on budget. It takes a lot of willpower, strength, and determination to be able to keep on task. Like anything though, to become good at it takes practice and it gets easier once you get the ball rolling. Well done!!


    1. I just bought a giant box of waffles from Costco. Along with 2 big jars of Skippy extra crunchy PB. I am set for quite a while. :)
      I learned about the london fog when I was at a cafe in the mountains. Since earl grey is my favorite tea, this was heaven. Hope you give it a try! And thank you.

      “No” doesn’t come easy to me. but I think I have finally had it with this burden. I’ve tried a few times but my absolute breaking point is about here. My child has so much growth coming up that I want to be sure I can help out. And I need to be a model of financial health for her. If I stay stuck, then I am not doing anyone a favor.


        1. I wish I knew about them sooner! I let my earl grey tea bags steep for 15-30 minutes before steaming my milk. I love the stronger flavor. Now I wish I had decaf earl grey so I could drink one now! haha


    1. thanks! And thank you for stopping by.
      the skillets are Always amazing. :D it’s definitely an awesome way to use up the veggies. And if you like ground turkey, add it to a sweet potato-kale hash. Delicious! …an over easy egg, cholula….

      I seem to be in the groove lately staying in budget. and I find I am able to do more of what I want with this current drive (please last). My child has not felt too much of burden (I think). Please may I stay on track until Nov. take a month break. then onto the next debt hurdle. Which I have a feeling will be paid off sooner than planned.


  3. Recently I’ve really been increasing the amount I spend on groceries. I’ve started replacing all butters/jams with natural ones, and for things like mash potatoes I’m substituting with mashed cauliflower. There are certain things I life I don’t like saving money on, and food is one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the taste of mashed cauliflower with lots of garlic, but the smell… I have a hard time with that. I do want to try a cauliflower crust. I hear you with food. I am the same way with a bit of moderation in the mix.


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