March 2017 Expense Report [Month 3]

Income: $5,069.05
Analysis: Expenses

  • Home – $1,792.95 – In budget
  • Food & Dining
    • Groceries – $295.99 – Okay.
    • Restaurants – $320.47 – Ya, ouch. When I get together with my girlfriends and have a couple cocktails is when money flows freely. $85 dinner & drink in there. I need to bring cash of $40 and be done when its gone. There is also a travel related meal in here.
    • Coffee – $87.83 – Higher than normal by $47. Travel related and out of budget.
    • Fast Food – $59.73 – dunno.
  • Auto & Transport
    • Payment – $334 – fixed and in budget
    • Gas – $100.77 – in the $205 allotted budget
    • Parking – $3.00 – parking to spend the day at the beach as part of clean up gathering and to just chill.
  • Entertainment
    • Concert Tickets – $298.61 – this money was transferred from the Summer Savings account (an SS is awesome to have if you have children and/or just need more funds during the summer). So it is in budget.
    • Museum – $67.00 – entry tickets to a special exhibit. Exhibits like these are valuable for teaching historical events.
    • Hulu/Netflix – $22.61 – in budget. Upgraded Hulu for commercial free.
  • Shopping
    • Household – $216.34 – sadly I don’t even remember what was purchased. I like to keep this under $100. It is out of bounds.
    • Clothing – $43.51 – in budget by $7.
    • Electronics & Software – $32.31 – keyboard replacement
    • Books – $13.99 – wasn’t available at the library. I checked.
    • Hobbies – $8.07 – paint & markers for journaling.
  • Bills & Utilities 
    • Internet/Cable/Ph – $109.15
    • Cellular – $95.32
    • Electric & Gas – $55.51 – I allot $65 to this category. Tis in budget.
  • Pets – $21.96 – usually combined in the grocery category. but this was bought at a brand pet store.
  • Gifts & Donations – $21.77 – I believe this is something travel related.
  • CC Payments $1,267.09 – Transferred $650 from my savings to pay off CC for travel charges incurred. Yes, I depleted my savings for this. And it makes me very uncomfortable.
  • C. Loan 555.39 – Fixed and in budget

Cost saving initiatives:

  • A girlfriend and I finally got to spend some much needed friend time. Our schedules finally aligned. So we did 5-mile hike. Parking was free. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, there were flowers galore and a lot of water in the creek due to recent rains.
  • $2.50 went into the change jar.
  • I had St. Patty’s Day free to celebrate, but instead of spending lots of money on green beer. I made a nice dinner at home from a mix of fresh veggies and leftover and enjoyed a glass of wine. Miss the crowd? Not at all. The house to myself for a few hours was quite nice.
  • I have been making oatmeal on the stove top every morning. Toppings have been blueberries, walnuts, a tiny bit of brown sugar and milk. Blueberries and walnuts are great for a healthy mind.
  • A few weeks ago, I made a big batch of sweet potato chili. So I took a container out of the freezer. That has been my lunch during the week. Toppings: sour cream, avocado, and croutons.

Starting Auto Loan Debt: $7,994.53
Ending Auto Loan Debt: $7,651.08

No extra money was snowballed into the payment.

Starting Total Debt: $72,144.65
Ending Total Debt: $71,313.09

I realize all the crazy money from traveling could should have been put towards debt as I have a hair is on fire emergency. I had already bought the plane ticket (summer savings – win) for the child and a prepaid room stay (not summer savings – red flag) on the last day of travel so I could be close to the airport, jump on the bed and take a luxurious bubble bath. My other two days of my accommodation plans changed. So it came down to a decision of letting approx $300-$400 go or pay the rest. I paid the rest (not summer savings) and went. Granted some of my travel-related expenses could have definitely been curbed greatly (I didn’t need a new jacket or backpack. Then again these things will last for years, too. And I should have chosen the $35/night hostel instead of the hotel).

Hence I started the blog for accountability. If the traveling came from my summer savings account then it would have been okay. but it did not. Some of the expenses did go into budget categories. But many areas billowed past the lines.


6 thoughts on “March 2017 Expense Report [Month 3]

  1. Looks like you’re making good progress. If you keep up the hard work I’m sure you’ll reach your goals in no time at all and then you can enjoy all the nights out with your gf that you want :)


    1. Thank you for the encouragement MustardSeedMoney! But $85 on little ‘ole me for dinner & drinks is still too much even if I did have the money to spend freely (but the lavender martinis are so good!).

      Oh man, I can’t wait to add the update for April (hurry, but not in a hurry). I have progress to reported. It won’t be grand all the months til November but I definitely think I will be meeting Nov auto loan payoff (unless the big bad landlords come with a nasty increase in the next couple months).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just realised that you spend half as much as I do on groceries. I think this is mostly because I eat a ton, Sydney is ridiculously expensive, and I’m on a carb free diet (so no pasta :(


    1. Thank you! It is fun to watch the car loan roll on down quicker than normal. And I love the Summer Savings account. I should start a holiday fund too. It just comes in handy to have a cushion during these times.


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