The Simple Math to Paying off My Auto Loan

At the time of writing this the loan amount is: $7,673.13

The number of paychecks available until I need to pay it off: 16

The number of months between now until mid-November: 7.33

Regular auto payment: $335 + rounded up $15

Loan amount minus 7 regular payments = $5,223.13

Minus a 3rd Paycheck = $3,223.13

Trouble: I can either come up with an extra $200 paycheck or push it out until Dec when a 3rd paycheck comes available and make another regular payment.

Hmmm…. I will need to ponder the solutions to this shortage. Looking into: changing W2 allowances, cutting cable again, hustle some side jobs, drive less (walk more), sell things….

Update: I revised the monthly budget. Cutting out a couple costs until November. Think I will just skim by on paying it on time. Gonna take some willpower, but is still realistic.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Math to Paying off My Auto Loan

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